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Welcome to Care Indeed E-Campus

What is the goal of Care Indeed E-Campus ?

Care Indeed E-Campus main focus will be to provide ELearning courses to our caregivers, CNAs,and  HHA .

It’s main purpose will be to educate, prepare, and engage our employees on how to provide the best care possible to our clients. ELearning through Adobe Captivate will ensure us that our employees’ time is valued and that the courses will be flexible to the needs of each individual. They will be given a certain period of time to finish the course. Some courses will serve as prerequisite course where each individual will have to take prior to advancing to higher level courses.

There will be classes that serve as a prerequisite course before you can take other courses. Please set aside the time needed to finish each module. (Before taking the course, a simple introduction of functions and how the interface works are provided.)

--Dee Bustos,LVN


What can be achieved at Care Indeed E Campus ?

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                         Our Modules will consist of the following:

  • PowerPoint presentation outlining essential key points of what we are trying to address.

  • e.g. Caring for an Alzheimer patient – what to expect, show case studies and what are the best course actions to take

  • From the main menu, click on courses then select assigned courses, then click module to start presentation.

  • ​Each topic will have 10 questions 


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flowers.jpg Taking care of an elderly individual, whether that person is your parent, friend or other relative, is considered a duty and responsibility in many cultures. flowers.jpg Caregivers taking care of elderly individuals suffering from a variety of common medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, incontinence, and strokes. flowers.jpg For many caregivers involved in long-term caregiving scenarios and for those suffering from terminal medical conditions, forms of dementia.


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